Innovation Delivery.

Sky Hightech Innovation Delivery Framework consists of four distinct stages that an innovation must pass through if it’s going to position itself for sustainable market success, every time. They are:

Stage 1: Ideate – Get to the bottom of why an innovation is important;

Stage 2: Prototype – Find the innovation’s most viable niche in the market and expose all the ways it might fail;

Stage 3: Build – Iterative development through the Creative Chaos, agile sprint-based blueprint; and

Stage 4: Scale – Move into full-fledged production, and open for business.

Each of these stages, in turn, holds a distinct set of parameters that will not only move the innovation along more smoothly, but also indicate when and if it is ready to progress to the next stage. The finer details will vary from idea to idea, but the basic progression always holds true.

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